Freelance French photographer & writer based in Le Grand Paris, works for brands, architects, communication agencies, publishing houses and press.
After a pioneering experience in the software and internet industry in the late 90's, Sebastien Siraudeau  directed the award winning videogame “Versailles 1685”. He then moved on as a professionnal photographer and writer by designing a full illustrated book exploring France by the sea. Sebastien Siraudeau then wrote and shot photographs for lifestyle books published in France and worldwide at Flammarion/Rizzoli. From architecture to landscapes, portraiture to objects, life to stills, he focuses on territories, stories and encounters for his personal works as well as commissioned ones. E.G.

SERIES / Personal works
Bord de mer #France by the sea #Landscape (still running)
Merveilles #creative (2014)
Aera #Landscape #contemporary #commissioned (2017)
les Méduses #creativeprocess #diarodo 

2017  Éléments - Parmain - (Val d’Oise) 
2017  Archivages + Grand Standing - Paris Porte de Versailles 
2018  Archivages - La Grande Motte - Expobéton - Galerie Le Cube Rouge - Paris
2018  La partie de Scrabble - collective - Galerie VU - Paris 
2019  La Grande Motte, cité solaire - Galerie - Paris
2019  Le Passage + Les Méduses - Ville de Pléneuf-Val-André - Brittany
2019  Le Square - Square Edouard VII - Paris  

EDITION (Auteur & photographe - France, US and worldwide)
Bord de mer - Dakota éditions (2005)
Carnets de charme Bretagne - Dakota éditions (2006)
Carnets de charme Provence - Dakota éditions (2007)
Brocantes / Vintage French Interiors - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2008)
Maisons d’hôtes - Flammarion (2008) / French Style at Home - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2009)
Vivre au vert / French Country Style at home - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2010)
Vivre à la mer / French Seaside Style at Home - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2011)
L’Esprit Déco /  French Flair, modern vintage interiors-Flammarion-Rizzoli (2012)
À la maison - New Vintage French Interiors-Flammarion-Rizzoli (2015)
Illustrated DIY books (photographe-LTA depuis 2014)

COMMISSIONED- selection 
Tolix, Le Cèdre Rouge, Dragon Rouge, Beachcomber Hotels & resorts, Interenchères, 
Tadé, pays du Levant, Elior, Arpège, Atmosphera, Studios Architecture, V2B Architectes
Chef Eric Guérin (La Mare aux Oiseaux, Le Jardin des Plumes)...

NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES (Photographe & journaliste)
Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, VSD, L’Express, Maison Française, Maisons Sud-Ouest, 
Maisons Côté Ouest, Maison Magazine, Vivre Côté Paris, Maisons Côté Est, Rustica, 
L’Art du potager, Maison Créative, Régal, Votre Maison votre Jardin, Campagne Décoration
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