Le passage
(du 5 au 12 août 2019)
du 13 au 19 juillet 2020
Pléneuf-Val-André - Brittany
GPS 48.591487, -2.552908
face à la mer​​​​​​​


For two years I photographed a rock. "It's a landscape, a portrait, the portrait of a landscape; This landscape is as personal as it is universal, as it can evoke to everyone a fleeting moment, a shared moment or the eternity ... frozen of a rock. We all have a Mont-Fuji or a Saint-Victoire fetish, I chose Le Verdelet. The rock is a pyramidal semi-island people can access few times a year.  I often come back to this familiar landscape that I have known since I was born. These last three years, I came back for special moments when I visited my parents. When dad's memory was leaving."
Sébastien Siraudeau - photography